whaler (whalers)

  1. A vessel or person employed in the whale fishery.
    • 1863: Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell, Sylvia"s Lovers, v. - But o" Thursday t" Resolution, first whaler back this season, came in port.
    • 1890: Century Illustrated Magazine, XL, 511 - For a whaler"s wife to have been ""round the Cape" half a dozen times, or even more, was nothing extraordinary.
  2. (Slang): One who whales, or beats; a big, strong fellow; hence, anything of great or unusual size, a whopper, a whacker.
  3. (Australia): name given in Sydney to the shark Carcharias brachyurus Günth.
  4. (Australian slang): a sundowner; one who cruises about.
    1893: Sydney Morning Herald, Aug. 12, 1893 - the nomad, "the whaler," it is who will find the new order hostile to his vested interest of doing nothing.

6 letters in word "whaler": A E H L R W.

No anagrams for whaler found in this word list.

Words found within whaler:

ae ah al ale alew ar are arew arle aw awe awl ea ear earl eh el er era ha hae hale haler hare harl haw he heal hear her herl hew la laer lah lar lare law lawer lea lear lehr lew rah rale raw re real reh rew rhea wae wale waler war ware we weal wear wha whale whare wheal whear